Khalid Abbas Dar


Khalid Abbas Dar

Khalid Abbas Dar, a famous Pakistani stage drama comedian, entertainer, actor, mimic, theatre director, producer and television live show host. He is all in one man. Khalid Abbas Dar was born on Dec 1st, 1945 in Lahore. He started his career in his childhood in 1955.


Pakistani stage drama Comedian and notable artist Khalid Abbas Dar worked for over five and a half decades and today he is recognized as a well-known entertainer in Pakistan.

Radio Career

Stage drama artist Khalid Abbas Dar started his career in Radio Pakistan, Lahore. He performed as a child performer, becoming famous overnight. He performed in his first Punjabi Radio program “Sohni Dharti” in 1955. He was sent to the peoples to solve their problems and highlighted their issues in his radio program.


In Pakistani Stage Drama, Khalid Abbas Dar is a one of the most senior comedian. After Radio Pakistan, he performed different types of roles in theater. He played funny as well as serious roles. His excellent reputation was affirmed by his one-man shows and his art of mimicry.

Khalid Abbas Dar started performing in stage drama, later becoming a writer, director and producer. Fame of the theater increased due to his great efforts. He has a huge number of followers in theater.

In Pakistani Stage Drama, he has been one of the great spearhead in the formation of theatre. His aptitude to carry the attraction of his audience over long period is remarkable.

A great stage drama versatile artist Khalid Abbas Dar has performed live on stage shows for the following leaders of Pakistan:-

  • Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan.
  • General Yahya Khan, President of Pakistan.
  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, President of Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • Royal Highness, Prince Hassan Bin Talal and her Royal highness Princess Sarwat Talal.

Television and Films

After a great success in Pakistani stage drama, Khalid Abbas Dar worked in Pakistan Television and Film industry. He worked in many films and dramas. Khalid Abbas Dar has performed in 33 films, which was highly appreciated by audience. He also performed in many drama serials, and earn a great fame by drama industry. He played funny as well as serious roles.

A famous stage drama artist Khalid Abbas Dar has a huge list of drama serials in which he performed but some are:-

  • Jazeera
  • Sadhran
  • Zanjeer
  • Jheel
  • Fifty Fifty
  • Kahani Ki Talash
  • Shadi Key Sath Sath
  • Parchi
  • Panchoo Ghee Mein

Express News

Now-a-days, Khalid Abbas Dar is working with Express News. He is hosting the political-humour show “Darling”. He is playing dual characters in this show.


After ceasefire in 1965, Khalid Abbas Dar also performed in front of Pakistan Air Force, Army and Navy soldiers with great singers Mehdi Hassan, Ustad Amanat Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Naseem Begum, Shahjahan Begum, Masood Rana, Salamat Ali Khan, Nazakat Ali Khan and Roshan Ara Begum to entertainer the defenders of our country.

Khalid Abbas Dar also worked for Pakistan Health Ministry and produced information and educational plays. He also established his own production house “Retreat” in 2005. He also worked for different NGO’s and spread awareness of HIV and Aids.


  • In 2009, Pride of Performance
  • In 2007, Sitara-i-Imtiaz
  • In 2012, Hilal-i-Imtiaz
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