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Funny J Turn | Funny Videos

Funny J-Turn Funny Videos Watch this funny video of driver tries to show his skill in J-Turn but he gets lesson for doing stupid, unnecessary thing. Such stunt requires right, perfect and full automatic, sportive style vehicle.

Little Lizard Taking Sip from Cup of Tea | Funny Videos

Funny Videos Lizard Taking Sip from Cup of Tea Watch very funny video of little lizard taking sip from cup to tea. It made households surprised when they saw this seen. One of them called other family members so that they also could see this very interesting scene of lizard taking sip from cup of […]

Granny Traffic Jam Prank | Funny Videos

Grand Mom Traffic Jam Prank Funny Videos Watch very funny video of grand mom causing traffic jam in a prank. This is very funny video, you will enjoy people reactions when they stuck on road due to an old lady stops right in the mid of road while crossing road.

Desi Mom Sees Every Girl Her Possible Daughter in Law | Funny Videos

Funny Video of Desi Mom Every typical Eastern of Desi mom sees every girl as her possible daughter in-law. This is very funny video in which women first examines her son’s class fellow then declared her as her son possible wife by admiring her household abilities. Son disappointed and called her girl friend to forget […]

Girlfriend Massage vs Wife Massage | Funny Videos

Girlfriend Massage vs Wife Massage Funny Clips Watch this extremely funy clips of difference between style of massage does by girlfriend and wife. In this video, it has been shown that girlfriends are more careful, romantic and more touchy when they do massage of their lovers whereas wife does not believe on any legitimate method […]

Overloading that Never Seen Before | Funny Videos

Funny Video of Overload Vehicles Watch an extremely funny video of extra overloaded vehicle crossing a road somewhere in the tribal area either of Pakistan or Afghanistan. One of vehicle is overloaded even to front passenger seat along with driver. This looks  very funny and interesting.

Russian Tourist Having Great Fun in Pakistan | Interesting Videos

Russian Tourist Exploring Pakistan Beautiful Pakistan | Russian Tourist Watch a beautiful video of Russian tourist exploring Pakistan. He visited northern areas, Gilgit Baltistan. Historical city of Lahore in Punjab and many other sights. This is first vide of any Russian tourist exploring beautiful Pakistan.

Ghost Come to Meet Khadim Rizvi | Funny Videos

New Viral Funny Video of Khadim Rizvi Allama Khadim Rizvi who is a famous Islamic scholar of Braveli sect and also known for his abusive language while addressing any where. He in his fresh viral funny video is claiming that a group of ghosts come to meet him late at night when her was preparing […]

Master Sajjad in Faisalabad | Funny Videos

Funny Clips of Master Sajjad Watch new funny clips of dubbing master Sajjad now in Faisalabad. He without being invited suddenly reaches among two or more people sit privately in public places, hotels and restaurants. Then, he starts asking non-serious questions that irritate people more.This funny video of master Sajjad is a part of comedy […]

Comedy King Amanullah Khan in Hospital | Funny Videos

Amanullah Khan in Hospital Funny Videos | City 42 Watch viral video of comedy king Amanullah Khan laid in hospital bed but still making jokes. When reporter of City 42 Channel reached in hospital to inquire Amanullah’s health he saw him making jokes with his fellow comedians including Honey Albela and Hassan Murad. Amanullah was […]