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Ghost Come to Meet Khadim Rizvi | Funny Videos

New Viral Funny Video of Khadim Rizvi Allama Khadim Rizvi who is a famous Islamic scholar of Braveli sect and also known for his abusive language while addressing any where. He in his fresh viral funny video is claiming that a group of ghosts come to meet him late at night when her was preparing […]

Overloading that Never Seen Before | Funny Videos

Funny Video of Overload Vehicles Watch an extremely funny video of extra overloaded vehicle crossing a road somewhere in the tribal area either of Pakistan or Afghanistan. One of vehicle is overloaded even to front passenger seat along with driver. This looks  very funny and interesting.

Desi Mom Sees Every Girl Her Possible Daughter in Law | Funny Videos

Funny Video of Desi Mom Every typical Eastern of Desi mom sees every girl as her possible daughter in-law. This is very funny video in which women first examines her son’s class fellow then declared her as her son possible wife by admiring her household abilities. Son disappointed and called her girl friend to forget […]

Little Lizard Taking Sip from Cup of Tea | Funny Videos

Funny Videos Lizard Taking Sip from Cup of Tea Watch very funny video of little lizard taking sip from cup to tea. It made households surprised when they saw this seen. One of them called other family members so that they also could see this very interesting scene of lizard taking sip from cup of […]

When You Try Beyond Your Skills | Funny Videos

When Artist Goes Beyond its Control | Funny Videos Watch this funny video of female dancer showing her dance while standing on animal. This shows that how far an artist can go for people’s attraction and cheap popularity. She fells soon after she starts dancing on animal which is indication for rest of her industry […]

Human, Elephant Team Gymnastic | Funny Videos

Funny Videos | Amazing Videos | Gymnastic Stunts with Elephant Watch an amazing video of a very flexible gymnastic master showing some skilled full stunt with the help of his elephants team. These exceptional stunts are rarely comes to be seen. Elephant look well organized, trained and human friendly in this video.

Stomach Puppet Fun | Funny Videos

Stomach Puppet | Funny Videos Watch this extremely funny video of stomach puppet producing great fun by enjoying spicy snacks and showing different funny emotions. This is incredible effort of someone having very talented brain.

Nasir Chiniyoti vs Iftikhar Thakur | Funny Videos

Watch very funny Pakistani Punjabi stage drama clip of Nasir Chiniyoti. Both are making fun of each other to make audience laugh. This clip is full of comedy and entertainment.

Transformer BMW Unveiled to Public | Interesting Videos

Watch an interesting, amazing BMW transformer unveiled to public finally. This super car can turn into real-life robot which can grip, grab any thing, can see around itself and can move its arm.

Big Humpback Whale Lost Way in Ventura, Marina | Funny Videos

Watch an interesting video of Humpback Whale who lost its way in Ventura Harbor, Marina. This 40-50 feet long whale lost its way while migrating from colder water to warmer water by using this channel.