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Very Funniest Performance of Pakistani Comedian in Australia | Funny Videos

Watch extremely funny performance of Pakistani top comedian in Sydney, Australia. Qaiser Piya, Agha Majid and Nasir Chiniyoti creating great fun in Sydney to entertain overseas Pakistanis.

Chacha Bishna Dealing with House Owner | Funny Videos

Watch another funny video clip of Chacha Bishna. This time he is dealing with house owner who comes in to receive house rent but later gone back after paying some money to Chacha Bishna due to talent of Chacha Bishna

Vatika Made Funny TVC | Funny Videos

Watch what happened with woman having selfie craze when she found that her hairs are too small to take a perfect selfie. Then she goes to many experts to solve her hair issue but what happened with her. Watch this video till end.

Barking Dog is More Dangerous Than Lion | Funny Videos

This most rare and funnies scene in which dog challenging lion and his lioness by barking hard. In this video, it can be seen that both lion and lioness trying hard to avoid barking dog.

Singing Among Lizards, Frogs and Snakes | Funny Videos

Watch very funny video of Chinese female singer is singing among dirty animals like lizards, frogs, snakes and many others.

Misbah Telling Funny Incident about Afridi | Funny Videos

Watch former captain of Pakistan cricket team Misbah Ul Haq sharing funny incident about Shahid Afridi during West Indies tour. Bother Afridi and Misbah was presented in fund raising ceremony of Shahid Afridi foundation.

My Diet Plan Failing Flat | Funny Videos

This his often happened with people when they do not workout on their diet plan. Watch this extremely funny video of too heavy women broke public bench by sitting together. Putting too much weight caused public embarrassment.

Funniest Compilation of Human & Animal’s Errors | Funny Videos

This is funnest video compilation of errors made by human and animals. You might will find your self in trouble by having toom much laugh by watching this video. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and keep visiting our website for more quality based funny stuff.

Never Visited School but Still Can Speak 11 Languages | Interesting Videos

Watch an amazing talent of Pakistan. He is 25 year old boy who can speak 11 languages very frequently including English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto and others. He claimed that he never visited school in his life to get any sort of education but the question is then who still he can speak languages like English. […]

This Guy Has Most Beautiful Job | Funny Videos

Watch a video of a man having world’s most beautiful job of trimming hairs of domestic animals to make them more beautiful. Pet itself looks beautiful but when they hair cut from this expert they become more cute and adorable.