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Different Stages of Eating Ice Cream | Funny Videos

Watch this funny video compilations of babies eating ice cream with different styles. This is extremely adorable video of babies showing reactions for ice cream before and after eating it. Hopefully you will enjoy this video and for more funny stuff keep visiting our website regularly.

Trump Forgets Words of National Anthem This Time | Funny Videos

American President Donald Trump is known for his non-serious activities and sudden reactions. He often made fun by American media on various occasions. In recent incident President Trump forgets words of national anthem of United States when it is being sung in a ceremony. US media again takes him deep in their criticism for this […]

When Parent Are Out of Town | Funny Videos

Watch this cute video of kid playing in a mud. It often happens when parents are not in the town and kids feel this is the best time to enjoy some fun by doing everything they want. Watch this kid, what is he doing? as video starts it look he is trying to have a […]

This is Just Awesome | Interesting Videos

This rider has exceptional control over off-road bike. His stunts will widely open your eyes. you might forget to shut you eyes while watching. He can run bike on single wheel doesn’t matter which one. He can take turn in 360 degree angle without any trouble. I am sure you will enjoy his skill of […]

Best of Agha Majid & Tariq Teddi | Funny Videos

Watch very funny Pakistani Punjabi stage drama clip of Agha Majid and Tariq Teddi producing great fun to make audience laugh. This video clip is full of comedy and great funny jokes. Both Agha Majid and Tariq Teddi throwing funny jokes on each other.

This is Fun Time in Busch Gardens Williams burg Virginia | Funny Videos

Hello! Did your vacations start? If yes then don’t miss the world most dangerous ride because this is fun time in Busch Gardens Williams burg Virginia. Grab your ticket as soon as possible. Your friends may have taken one for him.

Pakistani Can Do Anything | Funny Videos

Hahaha . . . well Pakistani are extremely popular and talented for generating such ideas. Nothing is impossible for them. They always have second plan and more specially an alternate plan to complete any given task. This video of is a great example of it. Hopefully you will enjoy this videos.

Old Man Entertaining Town Fellows | Funny Videos

Some people has craze to do some thing different that makes other happy and for this they can do anything. Watch this old man, how put himself into a big rolling pot to create some fun for his town fellows. People laugh as he roles on road. But it is clear instruction that don’t try […]

When Your Neighbor Do Not Invite You in his Wedding Meal | Funny Videos

This is what people do  in Indian or Pakistani part of Punjab when their neighbor does not invite them in his wedding meal. This video looks funny but it is traditionally a reality of our Punjab where if you miss to invite your next door either mistakenly or intentionally, he will never mind and still […]

Rainy Day Turns into Funny Day | Funny Videos

A rainy day is always dangerous specially for foot walker. It can easily turn into another injury day. Watch this extremely funny video of man lost control on his feet while going to office on rainy day and eventually fells in extremely funny style. Fortunately, no one around him to see this comedy scene.